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7 women of the labour movement
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7 women of the labour movement
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7 women of the labour movement

7 women of the labour movement

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On Tuesday, 26th of June, 1990 the museum was formally opened. After a difficult period of 5 years, the original government grant was finally expended and the assembled guests were welcomed by the splendid 'In union is strength' exhibition of facsimile or reproduction documents. Francis Devine, President of the ILHS opened proceedings. 'Mr. President comrades and friends, in welcoming you, Mr. President, and inviting you to formally declare the Irish Labour History Museum and Archives open, I feel it apposite to recall the words of the Irish Labours History Society's late, and today sorely missed, Founding President, John Swift, on the occasion of the launch of the society in 1973. He said: 'History is not just the dead past awaiting research. It is happening now at this meeting and in all places where men and women are living. The history we are making here today may become important or significant if the persons here assembled and their organisations ponder enough on the truth that we as workers are always creating history and that the economic relations in our society are in large measure determining the moral value in our operative society and the kind of history we are passing on to those coming after.'