Saothar 47


2022 issue


  • Irish Labour History Society Report 2021;
  • Steven Parfitt – American Labour, Irish Nationalism and British New Unionism: The Knights of Labor in Derry, 1889-1895;
  • Alan McCarthy – The ‘Real’ People’s College? Workers’ education and Catholic integralism in Cork and Dublin, 1946-1951;
  • Padraig Yeates – ‘Labour Will Fight, and Labour Will Be Right’: The Belfast Engineering Strike of 1919;
  • Emma Penney, Dyuti Chakravarty, Amanda Rose O’Halloran – Ireland’s first Working-Class Studies Conference;
  • Terry Dunne – Class, Country, Confession and Lady Clare: Collective Identities in the Threatening Letters of Nineteenth-Century Leinster;
  • Sean Matgamna – Working Class Solidarity in Clare: The Ennis United Labourers’ Association in the 1930s;
  • Shay Cody – Dublin Trade Unions and the housing question 1891 – 1913;
  • Jack McGinley – Peter Keating (FWUIISIPTU) and the First Official Strike in TCD (1983);
  • Patrick Breen – The Irish Neutrality League 1914;
  • Helga Woggon – Document Study: Supporting political prisoners in Belfast, 1918-19: Winifred Carney and Austin Stack, Part I;
  • Hugh Gault – Labour Lives: Robert Noonan: The Enigma behind Robert Tressell;
  • Aindrias O Cathasaigh – ‘An obstructionist in the Union’? MIcheál O Maoláin and the ITGWU;
  • John Home – Review Essay: When did the Great War End? Latvia and Ireland;
  • Francis Devine – Sources: More Additions to the Historical Directory of Trade Unions in Ireland;
  • Shay Cody – Conference Reviews: ILHS On-line lecture series 2020-2021; A review;
  • Obituaries;
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