Saothar 46


2021 issue


  • Irish Labour History Society Report 2020;
  • Mary Muldowney – Irish women telephonists and the struggle for gender equality in the 1970s’;
  • Patrick Murphy – Class, Conflict and Conciliation: The All for Ireland League in Cork 1910-1918;
  • Monica Paton – The socio-economic class politics in the County town of Roscommon circa 1900: the Gaelic League, the Roscommon Labour League and the United Irish League and their responses to the 1898 Local Government Act;
  • Padraig Yeates – To leaven Trades Unionism with Catholic Social Principles Is the dream 1 cherish’, Father Thomas Dowling OSFC;
  • Corey Wrenn – Who Gives Guinness Strength? Exploring the Animiality Politics of Colonial and Postcolonial Irish Food Production;
  • Francis Devine – From Passive Acceptance to Prescription to Prevention: Safety, Health & Welfare at Work Policy in the ITGWU, 1909-1989;
  • Mike Mecham – ‘A prophetic anticipation of its own possibility’ Keir Hardie and Ireland;
  • Luke Dineen – ‘Class War in Cork’: The Cork General Lockout of 1923′;
  • Sean Beattie – Mr Tuke’s Emigration Fund 1882 — 1884: a Quaker Assisted Emigration Initiative;
  • Kieran McNulty – The Social and Economic Background of Kerry in the Early Twentieth Century;
  • Fergus D’Arcy – Music for the masses: John Spratt’s Brass Band and the brass band movement in 19th century Ireland: some explorations;
  • Helga Woggon – Document Study: ‘The Spirit of the Girls is Wonderful’ – Winifred Carney’s memoir of Easter Week in the GPO. Full text edited with introduction & commentary;
  • Peter Murray – Review Essay. Mixed Marriage and Irish Labour Biography: James Connolly, William Partridge, Sean O’Casey, Winifred Carney and Janet Daly;
  • John Gibbons – Labour Lives: Michael Mervyn;
  • Brian Trench – Labour Lives: Patrick Trench, art, illness and socialism;
  • Francis Devine – Sources: Further Additions to the Historical Directory of Trade Unions in Ireland;
  • Obituaries;
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