Saothar 44


2019 issue


  • Irish Labour History Society Report 2018;
  • Fergus A. D’Arcy – The strange fate of a Dublin Orphanage: St Peter’s, York Street, 1817-1879;
  • Danny Cusack – Thomas Harten; A Strike Breaker in the Dublin Lockout;
  • John Black – Labour Relations in Military Administrative Establishments in Ireland during World War 1: the Army Pay Offices at Cork and Dublin 1910-1921;
  • Terence Dunne – Emergence from the embers: the Meath and Kildare farm labour strike of 1919;
  • Francis Devine – The sinking of RMS Leinster and the Association of Irish Post Office Clerks;
  • Padraig Yeates – ‘Was it because my husband lived five years longer to fight for his country that I was treated so badly?’ The Military Pensions Board and the widows;
  • Sean Worgan – Irish Freedom and Anarcho-Communism;
  • David Toms – Intermission: Dublin’s Locked-Out musicians and working class culture in post-independence Ireland, 1921-31;
  • Helga Woggon – Document Study: ‘I will freely and gladly agree to live in the prison’ voices from Internment: Winifred Carney, 1916;
  • Myrtle Hill – Labour Lives No. 19: Margaret Taylor McCombrey (1880-1956);
  • Letters to the Editors;
  • Francis Devine – Sources Study: Some additions to the Historical Directory of Trade Unions in Ireland;
  • David Flood – Labour Classic Revisited C.D. Greaves, Liam Mellows and the Irish Revolution;
  • Revolution;
  • Obituaries;
  • Fiona Fearon – Review Essay: Recovering Irish Writing on the Margins Michael Pierse (ed), A History of Irish Working-Class Writing (Cambridge, 2018);
  • Book Reviews;
  • From the Blogs;
  • Conference Reports;
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