Saothar 43


2018 issue


  • Irish Labour History Society Report 2017-18;
  • Mary Jones – The 1841 Children’s Employment Commission Ireland: the employment of children in mines and manufactories;
  • Leah Dowdall – ‘A tantrum in a teacup’: Women in the Irish working-class movement, 1890-1916;
  • Mike Mecham – William Walker: social activist and Belfast labourist;
  • Padraig Yeates – ‘Have you all gone mad’ – the 1918 General Strike against Conscription;
  • Helga Woggon – Winifred Carney in the 1918 Elections: Her Stand for Women, James Connolly & the Workers’ Republic;
  • Denis Murphy – Ardmore Studios, film workers and the Irish State: creative labour in the ‘Decade of Upheaval’;
  • John Newsinger – ‘To fling defiance into the teeth of the Master Class’: The International Socialist Review, ‘Larkinism’ and the Dublin Lockout;
  • Ray McLoughlin – Children working on Lamb Bros. Fruit Farms in the 1960s and 1970s;
  • Francis Devine – ‘If that is not murder, then what is murder?’ A Note on Irish Labour and the Titanic ;
  • Tony Brown – Labour Lives: Brendan Corish (1918-1990) Ambition to Serve;
  • Francis Devine – Sources Study: William Norton and the Civil Service Reference Book and Post office Reference Book;
  • James Curry – Labour Classic Revisited: R.M. Fox, Rebel Irishwomen (1935, 1967);
  • Obituaries;
  • Reviews;
  • From the Blogs;
  • Conference Report: Women’s History Association of Ireland Annual Conference, 2018;
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