Saothar 42


2017 issue


  • Irish Labour History Society Report 2015-16;
  • Peter Murray – John McAteer and Marshall Plan technical assistance;
  • Fionnuala Walsh – ‘We work with shells all day and night’: Irish female munitions workers during the First World War;
  • Luke Dineen – The Cork Harbour Soviet of 1921;
  • Kieran McNulty – Working-Class Radicalism in Co Kerry 1914-22;
  • Ruairí Gallagher – ‘Smash every Cross-Channel union’: Inter-trade union rivalry in Watt’s Distilleries Derry, 1920-21;
  • Elaine Sugrue – Women and Irish trade unionism – a case study: the Irish Drapers’ Assistants’ Association, 1901-20;
  • Andy Cook – ‘Nature’s Own Moderate’: Vivian Simpson and the Northern Ireland Labour Party 1958-72;
  • Brian Hanley – ‘We mourn our brothers …’: Workers respond to Bloody Sunday and the conflict in Northern Ireland 1969-72;
  • Andrew Newby – Labour Lives, no. 19: Edward McHugh (1853-19 15);
  • Peter Rigney – Document Analysis – The Dock Strike 1923;
  • Emmet O’Connor – Essay: “Hail Russia!” Labour and the Bolshevik Revolution;
  • Martin Maguire – Sources in the ILHS Archives: The Labour Gazette;
  • Conor McCabe – Labour Classic Revisited: Dunsmore Clarkson, Labour and Nationalism (1925);
  • Reviews;
  • From the Blogs;
  • Letters;
  • Conference Report: Ireland and the Wobbly World, ICHLC, Nov 2016;
  • Obituary;
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