Saothar 36


2011 issue


  • Editorial: Researching women and researching labour;
  • Mary Muldowney – Breaking the mould? The employment of women in Irish railway companies during the First World War;
  • James Curry – Delia Larkin: ‘More harm to the Big Fellow than any of the employers?’;
  • Elizabeth Kyte – Sighle Humphreys: a case study in irish socialist feminism, 1920s-1930s;
  • Mary McAuliffe – The Irish woman worker and the Conditions of Employment Act, 1936 – responses from the Irish Free State women Senators;
  • Aisling Farrell – ‘Harassed housewives fight the consumer’s battle’: the formation of the Irish Housewives’ Association & the campaign for price control, clean food and equitable distribution in the Ireland of ‘The Emergency’;
  • Jennifer Redmond – The largest remaining reserve of manpower: historical myopia, Irish women workers and World War Two;
  • Francis Devine – ‘Second class citizens who are being subsidised by the men …’:Women in the Irish Transport & General Workers’ Union and Workers’ Union of Ireland, 1945-1960;
  • Margaret Ayres – Equal pay for women: words not deeds?;
  • Theresa Moriarty – Labour Lives no 13: May (Abraham) Tennant, 1869-1946;
  • Laurence Marley – The state of labour history: international perspectives (review essay);
  • Film review;
  • Reviews;
  • Conferences and events;
  • Obituaries;
  • Correspondence;
  • Irish Labour History Society, 2010;
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