Saothar 34


2009 issue

  • Irish Labour History Society, 2008;
  • Michael O’Connell – ‘What a pity at the very source of wealth’: strikes and emigration, Berehaven mining district, 1861-c1900;
  • John Borgonovo – ‘A Soviet in embryo’: Cork’s food crisis and the People’s Food Committee, 1917-1918;
  • Martin Maguire – Civil service trade unionism in Ireland (Part II), 1922-1990;
  • John Johnston-Kehoe – ‘The Unemployed TD’: the Unemployed Protest Committee and the brief political carreer of Jack Murphy, 1957-1958;
  • Francis Devine – Irish Transport & General Workers’ Union: organisation in Dublin city and county, 1918-1928;
  • John Cunningham – ‘She nearly dropped dead at the idea that someone would join voluntarily’: memories of ASTI activists, c1960-1990;
  • Charles Callan – Labour Lives no 11: Marie Johnson (1874-1974);
  • Alistair Gordon – Paddy Devlin Papers, Linen Hall Library, Belfast (sources);
  • Francis Devine – Labour-related records in the Cork City & County Archives (sources);
  • Obituaries;
  • Correspondence;
  • Conference Reports;
  • Rosie Meade – More than ‘just’ a novel: The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists (1914) (document study);
  • Barra Ó Seaghada – Engaging with an Irish intellectual (essay in review);
  • Daniel Finn – Official history (essay in review);
  • Reviews;
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