Saothar 33


2008 issue


  • Irish Labour History Society, 2007;
  • Martin Maguire – Civil service trade unionism in Ireland (part 1);
  • John Hogan – Locked out: the 1905 dispute between the Bricklayers’ Union (AGIBSTU) and the Master Builders’ Association;
  • Pádraig Yeates – Craft workers during the Irish revolution, 1919-1922;
  • Sarah-Ann Buckley – Child neglect, poverty & class: the NSPCC in Ireland,1889-1939 – a case study;
  • Gavin Foster – Class dismissed? – The debate over a social basis to the Treaty split and Irish Civil War (Essay);
  • Donal Ó Drisceoil – Irish Labour Lives no. 10: Tadhg Barry (1880-1921);
  • Francis Devine – Labour history sources and related articles in Irish Economic & Social History, 1974-2004 (sources);
  • Obituaries;
  • Correspondence;
  • Bill Kissane – Must labour wait forever? (review essay);
  • Kevin Whelan – Bew’s Ireland (review essay);
  • Reviews;
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