Saothar 32


2007 issue


  • Irish Labour History Society, 2006;
  • Emmet O’Connor – 1907: a titanic year for Belfast Labour;
  • Bryce Evans – The Construction Corps, 1940-1948;
  • Maura Cronin – Class and status in Twentieth Century Ireland: the evidence of oral history;
  • Charles Callan – Labour Lives no. 9: R.J.P. Mortished (1891-1957);
  • Brian Hanley –  ‘Agitate, educate, organise’: the IRA’s An tÓglách, 1965-1968 (document study);
  • Mary Clancy – Working lives, women’s lives: some research sources and possibilities (sources);
  • Francis Devine – Labour press holdings in Peasrse Street Library, Dublin (sources);
  • Conference Report;
  • Obituaries;
  • Correspondence;
  • Liam O’Callaghan – Sport and social class in Ireland: an agenda for research (essay in review);
  • Reviews;
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