Michael O’Halloran R.I.P.

5th May 2023

Dear Friends and Colleagues,
Yesterday, I was informed that former Labour Lord Mayor of Dublin, Michael O’Halloran, had died that morning [aged 86]. You are probably already aware of this.
The following information may be of interest to you:
Prior to his appointment as a full-time official of the ICTU, in 1969, Michael, was a baker in Boland’s Bakery. and an activist and Executive Committee member of the Dublin No. 1 Branch of the IBCAWAU.
It was primarily on Michael’s initiative that the IBCAWAU’s National records from roughly the 1940s to 1990 were rescued a few years ago for deposit in the ILHS Archive. Some Dublin No. 1 Branch records were also rescued. They might otherwise haven ended up in a skip.
Michael’s parents were natives of Loughrea and his father, also Michael, was a ‘master baker’ [O’Halloran’s] in that town before moving to Dublin and working as a journeyman baker in Boland’s Bakery. He, too, was a member of the Dublin No. 1 Branch, IBCAWAU.
John P Swift

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