Call For Papers Saothar 49 (Journal of the Irish Labour History Society)

14th November 2023

Saothar 49: Journal of the Irish Labour History Society

Call for papers

Final submission date: 19 January 2024

We welcome articles; essays; document, film and visual art studies; oral histories; archival and conference reports; as well as letters on the content of the journal or labour history generally.

Articles should be of relevance to the history of the Irish working class, or Irish workers abroad, and should not deal primarily with events less than thirty years old. By the ‘history of the Irish working class’ we mean waged and unwaged workers, their lives, work, economic conditions, social and cultural relationships, leaders. organisations, movements, values and ideas.

Studies of anti-labour organisations or anti-socialist groups are also of relevance. We are particularly interested in studies that focus on the ‘everyday life’ of workers and their families. Features other than articles, such as essays, may be more contemporary in scope. Further details on format can be found in the link below.

Co-Editors of Saothar: Dr Mary Muldowney and Dr Peter Rigney

Correspondence in relation to the content of Saothar should be sent to or

Books Editor of Saothar: Dr Kieran Jack McGinley

Book reviews correspondence should be sent to Saothar Book Reviews, c/o Dr Jack McGinley, Irish Labour History Society, Beggars Bush, Haddington Road, Dublin. Email:

Advertising and distribution queries should be directed to the business manager, c/o ILHS, Labour History Museum and Archives. Email:


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